Settling In

I'm really happy with the way the animals are reacting to Jeremy. I can always tell when Jeremy wants to come out and play. He starts gnawing on the rungs of the cage and throwing his toys around his house. In fact, every time I open the door to feed him he tries to make a run for it. It's only the excitement of his veggies and salads that keep him patient. The dogs hover around me when I'm feeding him but he doesn't care. He still wants to come out. One of my dogs named Neil, is a 50 lb attempt at a Labradoodle (found him in a kill shelter in GA). He was the only one of the bunch I was worried about because he's awkward around cats he doesn't know and likes to slap things. I've given him more and more freedom around Jeremy and now he could care less about him. Most of the dogs (down to five now since a foster was recently adopted) are more interested in what Jeremy is eating than Jeremy. Sure, they enjoy a good sniff but then that's that and they move on. Hughy is a Lhasa Apso and does enjoy chasing Jeremy just to scare him but that's the nasty Lhasa coming out. Jeremy doesn't get that upset, although he doesn't understand that it's play, I'm sure. He hops all over the house. He's quite good at stairs even. I have a larger house and he enjoys checking out each room in the house and then resting under the bed a bit. After running the living room, he might relax on the cool basement tile after. Ultimately, he will go back into his crate on his own. I rarely have to put him back in. It's as if he's saying, "I've had enough. I'm going to bed everyone." I wrestled with the idea of getting him a mate but I think with how things are going, he's best as the only bunny.

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