One Foster Dog Down

Now that Roger (westie/yorkie foster terror, I mean foster terrier) has gone off to his forever home, Jeremy can run around the house without being barked at non-stop. So far Jeremy has been doing really well in the house. He has no problem rubbing shoulders with the dogs. In fact, even when the dogs are surrounding his area, I will hear him throw his toys around and scratching at the door. He wants to come out and play! I moved him into a very large wire crate so that he can interact with the dogs even when he's not loose. This has been mainly a good move because the dogs will just lay by the crate and watch him. The down-fall is that they stick their tongues through the rungs trying to steal his food. They love all of the same foods he does: carrots, romaine, kale, cilantro, and even his pellets. If I forget to lock his cage door when Jeremy is out, it's inevitable that someone will finish off Jeremy's pellets and leave a sparkling bowl. Ella, my 65 lb. terrier, will literally sit outside Jeremy's crate until he finishes all of his salad. When I leave the room, she gets that tongue in there trying to maneuver the veggies out of the crate. Jeremy doesn't seem to mind. He stays in the front of the crate, happily munching away. At night, I find Jeremy lying by the crate door and Ella sprawled next to it. It's very cute.

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