No Cord Chewing but Plenty of Drywall

Little Jeremy is becoming quite the character. I've been careful with any cords that are out and lying around the house but it seems that he is not interested in any of them. Jeremy prefers chewing drywall and just plain wall! He enjoys finding a piece of anything with an edge and just ripping it free. I'm in the process of rehabbing my mother's home and so I wasn't too upset when I saw he enjoyed doing this. I was more worried about his little body digesting the pieces. Fortunately, he doesn't really eat the pieces. He likes to collect them and disperse them around the house. As he's becoming more and more comfortable loose around the house, I find him enjoying himself in the dogs' crates. Not only does he like hanging out in the crates but he leaves little "tokens" behind. I'm sure he smells the dogs and since HE is actually the alpha of the house, he feels the need to leave reminders for the dogs. The funny thing is, he rarely leaves them around the house but in the crates, I'll find at least 5-10 little "peppercorns".

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