Week 4: First date

So the other weekend, we brought Sydney and Butters to the landing in our apartment building's stairwell. We put a sheet down for traction as the stairwell is tiled. I held Sydney and Ricky held Butters. Once we were situated in the stairwell, we just let the two mingle in the space. We made sure Sydney was very tired - so less likely to act too playful. After 5 mins of quiet 'inspection' by Sydney, we felt like "What now?" The two got along very well. Mainly, because Butters was extremely laid back about the whole situation and allowed Sydney to smell, lick and be right in his face. For this meeting we really allowed the two to do whatever and I only pulled Sydney back a couple times when she got a little excited. I was always able to call her over to sit for a treat. She is currently enrolled in puppy kindergarten so once she is more reliable with Sit, we'll try another date but this time ask her to sit for a short time and let Butters move around her. 
Whenever they interact through the baby gate that separates them, it is always inquisitive or playful (on Sydney's end). 
I've also attached Sydney to me with a leash while I did the dishes in the kitchen (Butters main headquarters) and all has been quiet. Hopefully, the next date will go just as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing your bunny and dog adventures. It gives me a lot of hope. We have 2 house rabbits that are about 10 months old. The live in peace with each other (which was hard work even though they are sisters) and with 2 cats. We recently brought home a puppy and I hope that one day they can all be free together in the house. For now I built a little fence to go around the bunny cages in our kitchen and the buns and the pup visit through the fence. The bunnies are not terrified and although the pup is very curious he doesnt' stalk them and has only barked at them a couple times. He is a black lab puppy and he is really laid back. I have a lot of hope that one day we can take the fence down and they can live in peace. ~ Angela

  2. Be sure to tell us how things go, Angela! :)