Supervised harmony

Hello again, we're back at you for an update on Buffy and LaFeet's slowly blossoming friendship!

Okay, maybe 'friendship' is an optimistic anthropomorphism, but at the very least, Buffy is now enjoying daily basement hang time with LaFeet and Athena free to roam (and full human supervision, of course). Buffy, as we know, is a chill gal, and LaFeet is much like your grandpa - he's gonna do what he wants because he's old and he's earned the right. As such, depending on the time of day (active or snooziful), as soon as the bunny pen is opened for him, LaFeet makes a beeline for his favorite activity station, the towel-filled carrier that doubles as a diggy box. Buffy is generally already cozy on the floor, sometimes with a nice bone and sometimes not, and each go about their very important business. Here are a couple of shots of Buff and LaFeet cheek to cheek (as in tushies):

Buffy sometimes takes the liberty of rolling over to sniff a bit at LaFeet's rear, a canine custom that LaFeet doesn't quite understand, but tolerates nonetheless. There have been a few more nose-to-nose greetings and Buffy does sometimes get up from her down-stay to do a lap or two before settling back down in an ever so slightly different spot than before. None of this bothers LaFeet in the least. The reason that no photos have been taken yet of Athena's overtures toward her potential poochy playmate is that they are all over with in the blink of an eye. She'll take one opportunity each session to run out from the pen to Buffy, sniff Buffy for a few seconds, and then hop back to the pen. She's calm and clearly undisturbed, but she's taking things at her own pace (which has kind of been the theme of this entire experience). Buffy has, in turn, tried wandering into the bunny pen a couple of times in order to partake of the delicious timothy hay that is stuffed conveniently into the buns' trough, but we've discouraged this behavior since we want to ensure that the bunnies' pen is always a haven only for them. Besides, there are plenty of hay threads that migrate outside of the pen's perimeter, and are available for snacking before I can sweep them up.
Meanwhile, Buff is enjoying as many nights on the town with the humans as possible, and has become a welcome sight for friendly neighbors, their dogs, and their children alike (Buffy loves kids and can't understand why some of the little ones recoil from her at first, despite polite behavior and calm tail wagging...I've tried to explain to her that her wolfish silhouette might remind the kids of big, bad wolves from fairy tales...that is, before they get to know that Buffy is really a kind-hearted princess!).

Buff and mama out at Cassatt's in Arlington
And finally, because I KNOW you're clamoring for them...LaFeet's feets:

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