New Guest Poster

We'll be bringing on a new guest poster soon. Jenn and her husband Elliott write:

"We just adopted a wonderful doggy girl named Buffy. She's about 6 years old, a rescued shepherdy mix (?) who is very sweet, well-trained, and calmly demeanored. We brought her home on Friday of last week!

"We also have two bonded rabbits in our furry family, one of which is 12 years old! LaFeet and Athena (LaFeet is the elder) are important parts of our lives and their well-being is paramount. I've had bunnies all of my life and have long wondered how to compatibly bring a dog into the household. Now that I have a life partner (and a staggered work schedule) and we're living in a single family home, it was time to go for it. I was actually inspired by some of the stories on your blog."

We're looking forward to hearing how Buffy and the bunnies work out together!


LaFeet: Object of Worship
(courtesy Houndstooth Photography)

Athena: Voluptuous Younger Lady
(courtesy Houndstooth Photography)

Buffy: The Happy Hound

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