New Poster on Board!

I'm pleased to announce a new guest poster for Dog Meets Bunny!

Missy and her husband Joe have been bunny parents for seven years. They've done a couple of bunny bondings over that time, so they have lots of bunny experience. Right now they have a "single" rabbit, Herbie, who lost his bunny companion about a year and a half ago. They've wanted to get another friend for him, but were hesitant because they'd really like to move in the direction of a dog. They've been searching for the perfect dog for about a month now, and think they may have found the perfect one. She's a four-year-old Sheltie, who's well trained and needs adoption.

Missy and Joe have been studying the advice on Dog Meets Bunny as well as others, and are ready to take the plunge. We'll see how they do!


Herbie: One Busy Bunny

Millie: The Perfect Pup?

Joe and Missy: Patient Pet Parents

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