Week 5

It's been 3 weeks already! I choose not to chime in the last few weeks because there wasn't much progression. Well, let me rephrase that; there wasn't much visible progression. I'm sure in both Kozi and Buckwheat's minds, a lot of things have changed.

By now, Kozi spends most of time outside of his crate. The downside to this? Buckwheat spends less time in the living room! Right now, both animals cannot occupy the same space, so Buckwheat is forced to stay mostly in the bedroom.

Our children's safety gate finally arrived! Living in Japan it was hard to find an affordable gate, so we ordered one. Anyways, it came in today and we immediately set it up. Both Buckwheat and Kozi were immediately interested. I think at first there interest only went as far as the gate. And then they realized there was another animal on the other side!

This experience actually went better then expected. Kozi did not get over excited. He payed a little more attention to Buckwheat then previously mentioned, but not enough

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