Week 1

This first week was not very adventurous. When we got home with Kozi last Sunday, Buckwheat's cage was in the living room. Before we went to bed, we ended up moving his cage into our bedroom. We didn't want him freaking out by the new smell of a new puppy, just 10 feet away in his own crate.

The next day, we decided to let Buckwheat out into the living room while Kozi was in his crate. Buckwheat was definately nervous about the new addition. He would inch himself close to the crate, but never within 2 feet. He did a lot of sniffing... Kozi did a lot of ignoring. We wanted Buckwheat to feel like, although there was an intrusion into 'his' home, we didn't want him to feel like he was getting replaced or that his freedom was being taken away from him. Infact, we probably spoiled him a little bit too much over the next few days. He left him out of his cage for two days straight, restrained to our bedroom while we slept.

We feel that, actually, this two day freedom helped him get use to Kozi being in the home. Since Kozi was kept in his crate for the first week, there was no need to fear Kozi. By the second day, Buckwheat felt comfortable roaming around in the living room (the first day he pretty much lounged in the bedroom). He even felt comfortable enough to relax and lay down in the living room.

During this whole time, Kozi didn't even recognize Buckwheat's existence. He was more interested in looking out for approaching feet in hopes he would receive some more attention.

Next week, Kozi will be let out of his crate for an hour or so at a time. Meanwhile, Buckwheat will be stuck to the confines of our bedroom. We don't want to rush things too fast! It will be awhile before we let the two come face to face with each other. Kozi is a young, energetic puppy and needs a lot of obedience training before we will trust Buckwheat's safety with him!

Thanks for reading! Please post your comments and questions so that other can learn from our experiences!


Kozi: The Energetic Puppy

Buckwheat: The Mischievious Bunny

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  1. I do not see a date on here so I have no idea when this all began. We have a Netherland dwarf Bun, Misty May, we have had for 5 years. She is not the friendliest bunny I have ever seen....a bit of a diva we say. She is of course very bonded to my husband and I but not loving strangers in her home. She will approach my sister or grandchildren she has come to know for petting. but when strangers come in the house she will hide. She is not a lap bunny but will gladly sit beside us if we sit on the floor for some petting. She is a happy little girl thought performing binkies and chasing us if we engage her in a game of "I am going to get you"....She will not necessarily come when called but if we approach her slowly she will let us pick her up & snuggle. She is a good one for bunny kisses often. Now to the chase.....my son and wife have a shorkie puppy. he is so sweet. small, not a barker, and calm little breed. Very small, as is Misty May. When they bring their dog over (Porter) they seem very interested in each other. Porter lays outside the door of her condo and just watches her. one time he actually went inside and there was not panic on either side. We did not leave them alone very long. So now I am thinking I would like to get the same breed dog. I found your blog exploring for info on the puppies and rabbits becoming friends. I wondered if your experience is still going well or if you regret the idea at all. I am a full time homemaker so I am home a lot. Misty May has a large size rabbit condo so it would not be a problem leaving her in it more as they get to know each other with a barrier between. She usually has the run of the house for most of the day. Any advice or ideas you could give me would be appreciated. Shari in MI

  2. Hi Shari! If you might be interested in being a guest poster on our blog, please contact me at meetsbunny@gmail.com Thanks!